Retail Structured and Risk Solutions  

Our award-winning Structured and Risk Solutions team offer simple, transparent structured investments to the African retail market through FAIS-accredited financial advisors, retail banks, life companies and discretionary managers.

With a number of issuance vehicles and product platforms, we create structures across asset classes, but maintain a strong focus on equities and commodities.

Absa structured investments are designed to meet the needs of different investors. They can be adapted to offer different levels of protection, returns or income potential that are linked to a range of possible assets. Investors can meet specific investment goals, some of which are difficult to reach through traditional investments.

Clients could be attracted to structured investments for any of the following features:

  • Full or partial capital protection: Risk-averse investors can participate in the performance of share markets and other assets, whist fully or partially protecting their capital if they hold their investment to maturity.
  • Attractive growth potential: Structured investments can often offer enhanced growth potential in excess of 100% participation in the growth of the underlying asset(s).
  • Attractive income potential: The investments could offer higher income potential than could be achieved in a deposit account.
  • Further enhanced growth and income potential: Capital-at-risk investments are suitable for investors who seek higher growth or income potential and are prepared to risk some, or all of, their initial investment amount in exchange for this.
  • Difficult to access assets: Investors can benefit from exposure to asset classes that they may not be able to access themselves directly and these can include: shares, commodities, funds, property, interest rates, inflation or foreign exchange.
  • Currency exposure: The investments are usually designed to hedge out currency risk even when the underlying is an offshore asset, so there is no foreign exchange exposure. However, if investors are seeking currency exposure, structured investments can also be designed to offer full or partial exposure to a range of popular currencies.

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