Letters of Credit  

Letters of Credit support businesses of any size or complexity, and can help cover trading risks by allowing you to protect against defaults on overseas payments and performance Letters of Credit often act as gateways to a whole range of international products and services, such as Foreign Exchange products and risk mitigation, where income benefits can be extensive.
Letters of Credit are right for your business if you:
  • Are entering into new relationships with buyers or suppliers in emerging markets and need to trade safely,
  • Are looking for security of payment as an exporter,
  • Wish to strengthen your credit-worthiness as an importer.
Letters of Credit support your business by:
  • Providing the reassurance of a secure, globally-recognised method of settling overseas trade,
  • Offering flexibility, as your Letter of Credit can be matched to your business needs and payment can be made for any amount and in any freely-traded currency,
  • Allowing you to strengthen your trading relationship by offering better credit terms to overseas buyers if you are exporting goods,
  • Enabling you to negotiate improved credit terms if you are importing goods, thereby improving cash flow,
  • Provide reassurance that worldwide standards apply to you and your trading partner, because your Letters of Credit will be subject to the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules for Documentary Credits.
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