Learn how Bolton and Beier found success

We helped Bolton Footwear and Beier Safety Footwear to redefine the footwear industry in South Africa. Click here to watch the video.

Bolton Footwear and Beier Safety Footwear

The power of partnership

Bolton Footwear is a company specialising in the manufacturing of footwear with history dating back to 1859.

Beier Industries was established in 1929, and their footwear division was opened soon after.

The two are a perfect pair, and they had a vision of one day working in unison to redefine the footwear industry in South Africa.

By merging some of their operations and then acquiring others, the consolidation into the country’s biggest footwear group has had a positive impact on the community and economy as a whole, with greater efficiency being rewarded with increased growth support from the Department of Trade and Industry.

They bring you brands such as Grasshoppers, Bronx, Crockett and Jones, Barker, Watson, Jordan, Bova, Wayne, Frams, Lemaitre and many others.

Understanding your ambitions

At Corporate and Investment Banking, we know what we do as a business has a far reaching impact, and we have the focus to ensure that this impact is a positive one. This is why we apply intellectual rigour to our strategy and day-to-day management, questioning each decision on the basis of its value to our people, clients and shareholders.


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